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    3d glass ink spray machine for mobile phone cover

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3d ink spary machine for mobile phone case, can save 80% ink for the clients.



* simplified setup and programming via intuitive icon-based pc

* optional simple camera and software make setup and programming intuitive

* x/y/z tip location alignment sensor available

* reinforced x axis increases system rigidity and improved accuracy

* upgradable to enhanced ccd vision camera with vision based bead compensation

* on-screen preview of the dispensing path facilitates programming

* easy-to-use .dxf file conversion to program path n wide range of work envelopes

* available in platforms ranging from 200 x 200 mm to 620 x 500 mm



* easy-to-use visual programming means operators learn quickly

* faster cycle and batch times

* easy integration into any manufacturing operation n reduced production, material, and ownership costs

* consistent adhesive volume output of changing viscosity materials (with enhanced ccd vision option)

* automated tip alignment saves reprogramming time


item/model: pc-2800
number of axes: 3 axis
max working area(x/y/z): 300/300/100 mm (12/12/4 in.) 400/400/100 mm(16/16/4 in.) 
workpiece payload: 15kgs
tool payload: 5kgs
maximum speed (per second): x: 600mm/s y: 600mm/s z: 300mm/s
unit weight: 39kgs
dimensions : wxhxd 510**580*650mm 590x617x645 mm 690x717x815mm
drive system: servo motor
memory capacity: 90 programs 1~40,000 points/program
data storage: tf car, usb
general purpose: i/o 8 inputs/ 8 outputs
drive method: ptp (point to point) and cp (continous path movement)
dispensing controller: external
power supply: auto-switching, 100–240 vac, 200-320 w
interpolation: 3 axes
repeatability: ±0.02 mm
working temperature: 0 °c - 40 °c

dimension: 1600*1200*1700mm
weight: 2000kgs
application: 3d glass mobile phone case industry
function: spray ink on 3d glass for compensation or full glass
temperature: 0-40 centi degree
power supply: 110 or 220v, single phase/ 3 phase selectable, 50 or 60hz
features: save 80% ink for client
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