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    3d glass ink spray machine for mobile

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    2018-08-25 09:37:22

pcm-2100m-b is a device for online automatic inkjet printing for mobile phone glass products (similar products).

working flow

transformation part

manually (or connected to the upper machine) to flow the product into the roller line in the specified direction

spray part: 

pneumatic machine, y, z module moved to the spraying area (set position) to be sprayed, when the incoming sensor senses the product, the spray valve opens, and the online spray valve.

technical specifications:

 motion system

type: servo motor with coded feedback

motor: hcfa (hechuan)

x/y axis speed: 500mm/s maximum speed

z-axis speed: 250mm/s maximum speed

high precision ball screw: tbi (taiwan)

high-precision slide rail: shangyin (taiwan)

spraing area

spray range: 350x250mm

loading weight:

y-axis load: 15kg

z-axis load: 6.5kg


desktop computer for windows operating system


user interface: 

inline inkjet

operating system: 


ink output method: 

ultra-micro spray valve

site requirements:

setting the floor area: width 1900mm x depth 1500mm

display stretch: width 500mm

height: 2200mm open front door: 2050mm (including alarm light)

air supply

air source: 0.4 ~ 0.8mpa stable and clean air source

power supply (main body):

220v 50/60hz single phase alternating current

total power: 



the weight of the whole machine: 500kg

dimension: 2100*1500*1800mm
weight: 2000kgs
application: ink spray for mobile phone case & all 3d glass ink spray
function: different kinds of ink spary on 3d glass for mobile phone
features: spray ink on 3d glass for compensation or full glass

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