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    laser jetting solder sphere machine

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laser jetting solder sphere machine for pcb board and gold fingers




wave length



peak value


pcb: 15w~60w





width* peak value

depends the product

repeat frequency

0~continous light

0~continous light

solder pat size

solder pat pitch: >0.3 mm,

solder pat size:

tin wire or solder paste: 0.8 mm~5mm

tin ball method: 0.4mm ~ 1mm

rectangular pad: if required to be covered, aspect ratio <5:1



at present, various common soldering materials on the market are suitable.

tin wire minimum diameter: 0.5mm

tin ball minimum diameter: 0.3mm



within 2mm of the solder joint, it is not practical to use non-metallic materials, otherwise it is easy to scatter laser burns.

positioning deviation: <0.1 mm, if the deviation is large, it can be calibrated with visual positioning.

if tin wire soldering is used, space is required for the tin wire.

if the two products are stacked, the gap between the two products is <0.1mm


camera welding

tin ball drop welding is used.

pad surface requires gold or tin plating



due to the current infrared non-contact temperature, the adaptability is poor, and it is easy to be affected by various factors such as surface material, flux smoke and product reflection angle. it is not recommended to do temperature feedback. otherwise, the actual effect may be counterproductive.

it is recommended to collect and display the temperature if needed, but only as a reference for the welding process.

dimension: 1200*800*1500mm
weight: 2000kgs
application: mobile phone
function: jetting solder sphere and solder ball
power supply: 110 or 220v, single phase/ 3 phase selectable, 50 or 60hz
features: non-contact, protect the working pieces
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